'Plymouth Belvedere' song to be included on NPR compilation of irreverent car tunes

“Plymouth Belvedere,” Trish’s country/rock song, has been selected for inclusion on a compilation CD being produced by National Public Radio. The CD, to be released this fall by NPR’s popular “Car Talk” program (www.cartalk.com), is entitled “Car Talk Car Tunes Volume III: Stairway to Heapdom,” a collection of irreverent songs about automobiles. NPR affiliates across the nation that air the “Car Talk” show will use the CD for radio promotions and play selected tracks on the air. “Plymouth Belvedere” is the title tune on Trish’s 13-song CD, available for sale right here on the Website. People laugh when Trish tells them that she was inspired to write the song by the Foster Farms Chickens (www.thefosterimposters.com), muppet-like advertising icons that drive a 1967 Belvedere. “There’s no mention of the chickens in my song,” Trish clarifies, instead citing one particular TV commercial where the chickens attend yoga class and a loudspeaker voice announces that a Plymouth Belvedere with Arkansas plates is being towed. “The embarrassment of old car seemed perfect for a song. Everyone can relate to that!”