From the recording Plymouth Belvedere

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I was inspired to write this song after hearing a famous poem by Charles M. Province, U.S. Army Veteran. (You may read the poem at Here's to our men and women in uniform, who stand ready every day to protect the rights and liberties we hold dear.

One easy way YOU can thank a soldier is to go to


I thank a soldier
Thank a marine
Thank the airmen, sailors that I’ve never seen
Ensuring the freedoms
We embrace every day
They’re standing strong for the US of A

Every day I hear reporters -- bringing me the news
They can say and they can write whatever words they choose
And I know why this freedom of speech still survives
‘Cause the bravest men and women pledge their lives …and


I can choose my form of worship, in America I’m free
But no member of the clergy provides this guarantee
A fair and speedy trial is my right, and yet I see
That attorneys don’t protect this liberty …so


We take these rights for granted,
Rarely thinking there’s a price
When preserving them requires….. great sacrifice


Copyright © Patricia B. Lester