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  1. Thank a Soldier

From the recordings Thank a Soldier and Plymouth Belvedere

I was inspired to write this song after hearing a famous poem by Charles M. Province, U.S. Army Veteran. (You may read the poem at www.pattonhq.com/koreamemorial.html). Here's to our men and women in uniform, who stand ready every day to protect the rights and liberties we hold dear.

One easy way YOU can thank a soldier is to go to www.letssaythanks.com


I thank a soldier
Thank a marine
Thank the airmen, sailors that I’ve never seen
Ensuring the freedoms
We embrace every day
They’re standing strong for the US of A

Every day I hear reporters -- bringing me the news
They can say and they can write whatever words they choose
And I know why this freedom of speech still survives
‘Cause the bravest men and women pledge their lives …and


I can choose my form of worship, in America I’m free
But no member of the clergy provides this guarantee
A fair and speedy trial is my right, and yet I see
That attorneys don’t protect this liberty …so


We take these rights for granted,
Rarely thinking there’s a price
When preserving them requires….. great sacrifice


Copyright © Patricia B. Lester March 2006 www.TrishLester.com (661) 254-1242