From the recording Plymouth Belvedere

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A song within a song


Late one summer night, you taught me a song
We harmonized when our love was new
That music is part of me, a memory so strong
But then, you were a part of me, too.
I wasn’t going to sing it now,
But the words keep coming through.

So stay there and listen, it won’t hurt you, you know
I’ll speak your name, and I’ll even look at you
What’s a song but words and music, fah – so – la – ti – do
Or is it something deeper…and true?
Yes, I feel uneasy,
But the words keep coming through.

Tho’ you’re right in front of me, I know you’re far away
You… stare at me, see through me, I can tell
What is it you see here, what is it my eyes say?
You needn’t answer, I know very well

Hiding here within me is a feeling of you
I’ve told myself it doesn’t mean a thing
I’ve tried to make you history, objective point of view
But I can’t seem to do that when I sing
I hear a voice in harmony
And I’m wishing it was you

Our love song is over,
But the words keep coming through.

Copyright © Patricia B. Lester