From the recording Plymouth Belvedere

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In memory of my brother, Steve Brown, and dedicated to his wife and her wonderful family.


I blew out seven candles on my birthday cake that day
My friends won little prizes in the party games we played
I opened presents on the floor,
Then you appeared with just one more.
Inside the box, a cuddly little horse you’d bought for me,
Oh how I loved
Your special gift

As a young man you kept traveling, there were countries
yet to roam
And after those adventures, when you finally came home
The necklace you brought back for me,
A symbol of your fancy free,
I treasure still and love the compliments that come my way
When I put on
Your special gift

Your travels gave you wisdom and compassion for the poor
At home you found injustice right outside your door
You offered hours of service to
The immigrants who came to you
You spoke their language, knew their culture, yes, your
trusted way
With people was
Your special gift

When Mama died, it was you who gave the last address
And on that day, not one of us ever could have guessed
That in a month, you’d be struggling to say a word
And I’d be leaning closer to be sure that you were heard
As you slipped away, my brother……even then,
You gave again

I’d never had a chance to meet the family of your wife
You brought us together in the last days of your life
The time we spent there by your side
I came to know them while we cried
We lost you but we found each other’s spirit and warmth
This family was
Your special gift

Your wife and I are sisters now, her brothers are my own.
To her parents I’m a daughter, their family has grown
We have formed a loving bond,
A brand new day came with the dawn
In sharing memories we grow closer through our love for you
For you were
Our special gift.

And you live on and on
Our special gift.

Copyright © Patricia B. Lester