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  1. Yosemite

From the recordings Yosemite and Plymouth Belvedere


Behind the backstop
And at the breakfast table
On the school bus
And other assorted torture chambers
The temperature drops, the snow falls
The glacier forms

Ten thousand tons of ice
Are crushing you
Into a beautiful, one-of-a-kind boy
The thaw will come
And you will be

Year by year
Hour by hour
Insults scrape
Lonelinesses scour
Leaving erratics and striations
Glacial terrain


I've seen the brightest sparks
Glowing in the faces
Of my friends whose lives have been
The biggest mess
And there are no landmarks made out of
Ordinary places
Only landscapes that have seen
The most distress

Someday you will dare
To open your heart
And you'll melt one
Like mine
Because you are worth knowing, worth loving
After all


The thaw will come
And you will be

Copyright Rain Perry / Precipitous Music BMI