I've listened to more than half of your CD as I drove to work this morning, and I think it is fabulous. All the songs tell wonderful stories, and I think it can be listened to over and over and each time the listener will discover something new. Excellent work. I wish I had your talent. And I can't get the tune of "Plymouth Belvedere" out of my head!” - Bill Spaniel, Valencia, CA
You have a wonderful voice and some great pop hooks. The CD is a real showcase for your songwriting talent, in addition to being really fun to listen to. I especially love the cookie song.” - Linda Hege, San Francisco, CA
You sound amazing!!!!! Plymouth Belvedere is a mindblowing track, but I'm sure there are LOTS of them on the cd, keep it up with the production, it's great!” - Leslie Shor, Virginia
I stopped for just a moment to listen to you in Claremont last night. Your honesty and clarity of purpose in the two songs I heard came through. I play too, and like millions of folks out of the ‘60s, which of course you are too young to remember, have used music, mine and theirs, to heal. Thank you for being the doctor that was in the other night.” - J. Palicki, Claremont, CA
I love your vibe! Thank you so much for closing out our event. Jimm and I very much enjoyed your work. I've been humming "It's Just A Cookie" all week!” - J. Capra, Santa Clarita, CA
I listened to the songs on your website and really like them all, especially “The World Changed Forever” and “Your Special Gift” and “The Words Keep Coming Through.” You have a wonderful God-given talent.” - D. Foster, Birmingham, AL
Last Saturday you joined me on a long drive. A couple of times, since I was driving longer than you were singing. I loved your CD! The next day you joined me on a bike ride. In my head, that is. I replayed “Plymouth Belvedere” over and over.” - P. Leven, Los Angeles, CA
I just listened to your Christmas Letter song, which is so clever. And your voice is soooo beautiful.” - F. Avnon, Tarzana, CA
Thanks so much for sending your newest songs. You’re amazing---a songwriter AND a singer. Both talents are top-notch, just like everything you do---you’re so versatile. I especially liked “I’m Drifting.” Your voice is beautiful in this ballad, which is perfectly suited to you. I also loved the orchestration---pretty impressive.” - S. Maricich, Seal Beach, CA
I very much enjoyed your music and would love to hear more of your creations. Once in while, I am captivated by an individual, sometimes for unknown reasons and last night was one of those few times – when I met you and listened to your songs. Seems like there is a very genuine feeling goes into your songwriting, and it definitely comes across.” - K. Wortman, Fairplay, CO