From the recording True North

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The Promise of America
Trish Lester

They came here speaking Polish, Italian, Greek or Dutch
Stepping out from Ellis Island, they didn’t know too much
Of the customs and the language they’d find upon these shores
But they understood the promise of America

From Germany, from Ireland, from Russia, Spain and France
They sailed here empty-handed; they came to take a chance
And the lady in the harbor with her glowing torch held high
Lit their way toward the promise of America

They embraced the U.S. motto, “from many we are one”
Hands on hearts they swore allegiance; their new lives had begun…
As Americans
They were Americans

They blended many cultures, from sea to shining sea
Learned a common language, forged a new identity
As they left behind their old ways, they strengthened this great land
And fulfilled the golden promise of America

Yes, they understood the promise of America