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  1. Don't Look Back

From the recording Don't Look Back

Trish wrote this song as a special message for her friend, Eileen, but it applies to many other people she knows -- and folks YOU know, too, who want to overcome traumatizing events in their past and keep looking ahead to brighter days!
Singing background vocals are Joan Enguita and Linda Geleris. Together they sing with Trish in an acoustic trio, "Women on the Move" (www.SonicBids.com/WomenOnTheMove)
           “Three distinct voices merged into one angelic blend. Great entertainment.”
                                       -- Acoustic L.A.-LIVE!


Don’t look back
Gotta keep lookin’ forward
Don’t look back
Gotta keep movin’ on
Time to give up the past, ‘cause it don’t last
Does me no good to keep holding fast
No more alas and alack
Don’t look back
Don’t look back
Leavin’ troubles behind me
Don’t look back
I made up my mind
No more grief, no gloom, no dread
No more power in the words you said
I’m ignorin’ that ol’ yakity yak 
Don’t look back
I know I can’t change
What I’ been through
But I’m in control
Of my attitude
Don’t look back
I have faith in tomorrow
Don’t look back
I’m waitin’ up for the sun
I see in that light a future so bright
Every day is like love at first sight
I’m on a whole new track
Don’t look back
It’s a brand new day, gonna find my way
Start over again, hear me when I say
I’m on a whole new track
Don’t look back